Wound care specialist nurse services

A wound care specialist nurse plans and performs different types of wound treatment. A wound care specialist nurse can, for instance, treat chronic and acute wounds, monitor slowly healing wounds, draw up treatment plans and provide guidance for the use of wound care products. A wound care specialist nurse can also be consulted by other nurses or physicians who require assistance with treating hard-to-heal wounds.

The Finnish Wound Care Society grant wound care specialist nurse titles to wound care professionals. To be granted this title, the candidate must have extensive wound care expertise. 

You can make an appointment with a wound care nurse even if you do not have a referral.



Schedule an appointment with wound care specialist nurse online or by calling 09 7750 800.


If you have received treatment or you have been for follow-up visits somewhere else, please bring any relevant laboratory test results and case histories.


You can pay at the reception desk after your visit.


The price for a 30-minute appointment with a wound care specialist nurse starts from 39 €. Materials used in the treatment are billed separately.

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Saraste Ritva

Wound Care Specialist Nurse

Authorized Wound Care Specialist Nurse