Urological examinations and procedures

Diacor’s expert urologists investigate and treat a variety of problems relating to the urinary tract. We perform, for instance, the following procedures:

  • Prostate ultrasound
  • Urine jet and residual urine measurements
  • Bladder endoscopy
  • Vasectomy
  • Circumcision

Prostate ultrasound and biopsies 

Prostate ultrasound examinations are performed by inserting an ultrasound probe into the rectum. This technique provides a good view of the prostate gland and allows the urologist to measure its size. Samples are taken via the rectum with a one millimetre-thick needle guided by the ultrasound probe. The sampling is a quick and usually painless procedure.

The patient does not need to prepare for the ultrasound examination in any particular way. The only requirement is that the bowels should have functioned normally on the day of the examination.

Prostate biopsies can be taken during the ultrasound examination. In this case, the patient is advised to take antibiotics around an hour prior to the procedure. The purpose of the biopsies is to find out whether the abnormalities that have been found in the prostate gland are caused by benign enlargement or a malign tumour. The treatment is designed according to the results.

Urine jet and residual urine measurements  

A urine jet measurement can help the urologist determine the cause of a patient’s urination difficulties and plan the treatment. A complementary residual urine ultrasound examination is often performed through the abdominal wall at the same time. The patient should arrive with a full bladder to ensure a reliable result. These examinations are performed by a nurse.

Bladder endoscopy  

Bladder endoscopy (cystoscopy) is a routine urological examination which does not require any particular preparations on the part of the patient. Before the procedure, a nurse will ask the patient to go to the toilet to empty his or her bladder. The nurse then cleans the opening of the urethra and applies an anaesthetic gel. After this, the urologist performs the cystoscopy procedure. The examination is practically painless and takes around 10 minutes.

Video cystoscopes make painless examinations of men’s bladders and urethras possible. Modern endoscopes are thin and flexible. The instrument also has a built-in tube that can be used for taking biopsies.


A vasectomy, i.e. a severing and sealing of the male deferent ducts (in other words, a male sterilisation) is performed via small incisions, under local anaesthesia. The procedure is not associated with any health risks. To be eligible for a vasectomy, a male patient must be at least 30 years old or have three or more children.


Phimosis (tight foreskin) is a common problem among young boys. It can be treated with circumcision. Circumcisions are performed in our outpatient unit, under local anaesthesia. If necessary, the patient can be given premedication before the procedure.



These examinations are performed by referral. Make an appointment with a urologist online or by calling 09 775 0800. 


You can make an appointment for your examination directly with the medical centre where it will be performed. 

  • All urological procedures are performed at our medical centre in Ruoholahti. You can make an appointment by calling 09 7750 8100. 
  • In Tikkurila, we perform prostate ultrasound examinations and take biopsies. You can make an appointment by calling 09 7750 8666.

You cannot make an appointment online.


To get your results, you should schedule a telephone appointment or a regular appointment with the physician who referred you to the test. 


Prostate ultrasound and biopsies starting from 411,60 €. Any additional costs associated with the biopsies are added to the price.
Vasectomy starting from 756,10 €
Bladder endoscopy starting from 407,40 €
Urine jet measurement starting from 55 €
Urine jet and residual urine measurement starting from 121,00 €
Circumcision starting from 680,50 €
An outpatient clinic fee of 18,90 € is added to the price.

We have built up long-term partnerships with several insurance companies. Learn more about our insurance agreements. 


With a Diacor Hoitotili (Diacor Healthcare Account), you get opportunities for flexible payment. If you wish, you can pay your bill in instalments.

Medical centres

In Ruoholahti medical centre we perform all the above mentioned urological examinations.

In Tikkurila medical centre we perform prostate ultrasounds and biopsies.


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Pétas Anssi


MD, Specialist in Urology. Robotic surgery, prostatic cancer

Rintala Erkki


MD, Docent in Urology, Specialist in Urology and Surgery. Renal cancer, bladder cancer, prostatic cancer, prostatic hyperplasia, urinary system disorders, urologic endoscopies and procedures

Salo Jaakko


MD, Docent, Specialist in Urology. Prostatic diseases, male sterilization, vasectomy, urologic diseases

Taipale Lauri


Lic. Med., Specialist in Urology and Surgery