Treatment of nerve-related foot and ankle issues

Foot and ankle injuries sometimes cause nerve damage. Nerve damage or entrapment can, for instance, be caused by flat feet or neurological disorders. There are also specific nerve entrapment conditions of the foot.

Nerve damage in the ankle can manifest as pain, a tingling sensation in the skin, loss of sensation, numbness or motoric difficulties. Peroneal nerve entrapment can be linked to drooping feet, spraining or inward turning feet. Peroneal nerve entrapment can be the result of a squatting working posture (“strawberry pickers' peroneal palsy”), surgery in the lower limbs or a tight plaster cast.

Morton’s disease is caused by compression or rubbing of the nerves in the foot and causes pain, sensitivity to pressure and numbness between the toes. The underlying cause may be age-related changes in the foot arch structure, use of uncomfortable, tight or high-heeled shoes, arthritis, or congenital deformities of the foot.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the nerves. It can cause swelling, pain which radiates towards the inside of the foot and the big toes, loss of sensation in the toes and even loss of toe mobility.

Nerve-related foot and ankle issues are usually treated conservatively, i.e. without surgery, using anti-inflammatory medication and with the help of physiotherapists and surgeons who specialise in foot and ankle problems.

If the conservative treatment does not bring the desired results, surgery can be used to release or remove the nerve. 

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