Surgical treatment of urinary incontinence

Urine can leak when you make a sudden effort, when you cough and sneeze, or during everyday activities and normal exercise. The problem is very common, but often seen as embarrassing. 

Nowadays, there are efficient treatments for urinary incontinence. If pelvic floor exercises at home and under the supervision of a physiotherapist do not bring the desired results, continence can be improved through sling surgery (TVT or TVT-O) performed under local anaesthesia. During the procedure, a mesh tape is inserted through three one-centimetre incisions and fitted under the urethra and behind the pubic bone to support the loose and stretched-out pelvic floor tissues.

After the procedure, the patient can usually be discharged from care the same day. Modern surgical techniques allow quick recovery and make accurate predictions of the need for sick leave possible, causing minimal disruption with regards to work and other activities

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