Surgical treatment of undescended testicles

In a male foetus, the testicles develop inside the abdominal cavity and descend to the scrotum through the inguinal canal. If the testicles remain in the abdominal cavity or in the inguinal canal, they do not develop properly. In an undescended testicle, sperm production is disturbed. The condition is therefore often treated surgically.

The position of the testicles is always checked during medical examinations of young boys, as the testicle can sometimes also rise out of the scrotum at a later stage.

Retractile testicles, i.e. testicles that move up and down, can also be treated surgically, if necessary. The testicle can be surgically anchored in the scrotum if it has not descended by itself by the time the child is approaching school age.

The procedure is performed when the child is around one year old. The testicle is released from the inguinal canal and, if possible, moved to the scrotum. The procedure is performed as a day surgery procedure, under general anaesthesia. The small wounds in the groin and scrotum heal quickly.

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