Surgical treatment of shoulder joint tendon ruptures

Problems in the shoulder rotator cuff are usually caused by an inflamed supraspinatus tendon (M75.4). Tendon ruptures and rotator cuff tears (rotator cuff tendinitis, M75.1) are usually caused by high-energy accidents such as falling, and the pain can therefore be considerable. 

Rotator cuff problems in people of working age can be caused by overstrain. The symptoms are pain and movement problems or weakness in the arm. It becomes difficult to raise the arm above a horizontal position.

Partial tendon ruptures usually heal by themselves over time. They are treated with rest, patient education and, if necessary, anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Large tendon ruptures are repaired surgically. Large ruptures should be repaired within two months of the injury to ensure a good result and optimal recovery. If the procedure is postponed for more than half a year, the end result will not be optimal. Our expert surgeons are able to perform most procedures through keyhole surgery, making the recovery process easier and less painful for the patient.

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