Surgery preparation instructions

In order to ensure safe and high-quality treatment, we carefully assess your physical and general condition as well as any potential risk factors prior to your operation. Apart from the surgeon him- or herself, a pain relief specialist (anaesthesiologist) and a team of nurses will also take part in the preparation and offer guidance. It is important that you closely follow the instructions you are given concerning preparations, the operation itself and postoperative treatment.

Before the operation

A nurse will call you a few days prior to the operation to go through the timetable and instruct you on how to prepare. You should fill in the patient information form before you get the call. You can bring the form to one of your preoperative appointments or fill it in electronically here. The network connection is protected.

The details surrounding billing and payment should be agreed upon in good time. If your insurance company is to be billed, you need to get an approved promissory note from them before the operation. Diacor has service agreements with Folksam, If (including Kaleva and Mandatum), LähiTapiola (including Turva), POP Vakuutus and Vektor. If you do not have a promissory note, or if you pay for the procedure yourself, the bill will be sent to you after the procedure. If you want more information on insurance and billing, you are welcome to call us on 09 7750 8180 or send an e-mail to

You can also open a Diacor Hoitotili (Diacor Healthcare Account) free of charge. This way, you get opportunities for flexible payment. 

Laboratory tests

If your physician has prescribed lab tests, X-rays or other tests, you should have these taken before you come to the hospital. All patients over 60 will undergo an ECG examination prior to surgery. An ECG performed within six months prior to the operation is usually sufficient, as long as the results are available.

If you have been treated in a hospital or other healthcare facility in Finland or abroad during the last six (6) months, you need to be tested for MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or hospital-acquired infection) five days before the surgery is due do take place. The test can be taken in our laboratory.


If you take regular medication, you physician will advise you on whether you can take it on the day of the surgery. Anti-inflammatory medication should not be taken unless the physician recommends it, as it can increase bleeding. The use of diabetes medication and blood thinners (such as Aspirin and Marevan) should also be discussed with the physician or anaesthesiologist.

Previous treatment information and changes in health status

If you have previously been treated somewhere other than at Diacor, you should bring information about the treatment you have received as well as any surgical case reports. We will also need the results from any lab tests, X-rays, MRI scans, ECGs, etc. that have been taken elsewhere, as well as your blood group card and the packaging of any medication you use.

Food and drink

On the day before the procedure, you can eat and drink normally. You should abstain from food for 6 hours before you sign in at the hospital. If the operation is due to take place in the afternoon or evening, you can eat a light breakfast. You can drink 2 dl of water two hours before you are due to sign in at the hospital.

The day of surgery

When you schedule your operation, you will be told what time you should sign in at the hospital reception desk. The time quoted on your referral is the time when you should sign in. Some operations take longer than planned, so you might have to wait for your operation for up to a couple of hours. The hospital has Wi-Fi, which you can use free of charge. You can also use your phone normally.

Postoperative care and leaving the hospital

After your operation you will be given detailed home care instructions, and the necessary follow-up appointments will be scheduled. You will also be given individual guidance on rehabilitation by our physiotherapist. If necessary, he or she will also offer advice prior to the operation.

In the evening after the operation, you can eat a light meal. The following day, you can eat or drink normally unless you have been instructed otherwise. You should refrain from driving, drinking alcohol and taking sedatives for 24 hours following the operation.

If you need to stay the night in the hospital, the price per night is €400. If you are a Loyal Customer, you get a 50% discount. Learn more about our Loyal Customer benefits here.

A patient who is to be discharged the same day must be picked up from the hospital by a responsible adult, who must also stay with the patient during the following night. We recommend that the family member or friend who comes to pick up the patient uses the parking garage of Kauppakeskus Ruoholahti. The parking garage is open every day between 6am and 10pm and can be accessed from Porkkalankatu or Länsisatamankatu or via the exit from the Länsiväylä motorway. There is a lift directly from the parking garage to the hospital.

We offer free parking for our Loyal Customers and for the parents or guardians of our young patients in the parking garage in Ruoholahti.

Rescheduling or cancelling an operation

If you contract a cough or fever shortly before you are due to have your operation, or if you experience some other sudden change in your health status, please contact the day surgery unit (on 09 7750 8182) or the ward (09 7750 8183). If you wish, they can also put you in contact with the anaesthesiologist.