Surgeon services

Surgery is a branch of medicine where different kinds of problems are treated with surgical procedures. Not all surgical procedures are performed in a hospital environment. Our general surgeons in particular perform many minor procedures, such as birthmark removals and abscess drainings, at our medical centres.

Many patients make appointments directly with a surgeons specialized in a specific type of surgery. At our private hospital and medical centres, we offer the services of, among others, the following surgical specialists:

  • gastroenterological (stomach and intestines) surgeons
  • gynecological surgeons
  • otorhinolaryngological (ear, nose and throat) surgeons
  • hand and arm surgeons
  • orthopedists
  • pediatric surgeons
  • vascular surgeons

Some general practitioners also perform minor surgical procedures at the medical centres.



Make an appointment online or by calling 09 7750 800. You can also make an appointment at the reception desk at any Diacor medical centre.

  • If you want to make an appointment for a surgical procedure, please call 09 7750 800.

If you have received treatment or been for follow-up visits elsewhere, please bring any relevant laboratory and X-ray results and case histories.


Please pay after the appointment, and at the same time, make appointments for any X-ray examinations, laboratory tests or other examinations that your doctor has prescribed for you.


A private physician sets his or her own rates, so the prices may vary depending on how long the appointment takes, for instance. You can get information about a particular physician’s rates online or when you make an appointment.

An appointment of less than 20 minutes normally costs around 100 €, but a Social Insurance Institution (Kela) reimbursement of 13,50 € is directly subtracted from the price. The customer pays 86,50 € plus an administrative fee, which currently amounts to 17,50 €. In this example, the customer therefore pays 104 € for the visit. Any necessary examinations are billed separately.


NB! Any surgical procedures are billed separately. We recommend that you book any surgical procedures via the surgeon him- or herself.

Medical centres


Flamingo Entertainment Centre Vantaa
Tasetie 8, 3rd floor
01510 Vantaa

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 12-17
30.4. 12-17
1.5. 12-17
25.5. 12-17


Tallinnanaukio 4 A
00930 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday - Sunday 10-16
30.4.-1.5. 10-16
24.5. 7.30-18
25.5. 10-16


Porkkalankatu 22 A
00180 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
30.4.-1.5. Closed
6.5. 9-14
24.5. 7.30-18
25.5. Closed


Grönroos Irmeli


Lic. Med., Specialist in General Surgery

Iivonen Mauri

Gastroenterological Surgeon, Surgeon

MD, Specialist in Surgery and Gastroenterological Surgery. Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, rubber band ligations (RBL), minor surgical procedures, hernia surgeries, gallstones

Kylänpää Marja-Leena

Gastroenterological Surgeon, Surgeon

MD, Specialist in Surgery and Gastroenterological Surgery. Surgery, gastroenterological surgery

Lehtonen Petteri

Surgeon, Gastroenterological Surgeon

Lic. Med., Specialist in Surgery and Gastroenterological Surgery. Gastroenterologicl surgery, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, hemorrhoid treatments, minor surgical procedures

Lilja Heidi


MD, Specialist in General Surgery. Hemorrhoids, rubber band ligations (RBL), anal fissures, pilonidal cyst, mole and small skin change removals, skin and subcutaneous tumor removals, incision and drainage of abscesses, wound care, acute back pain, trigger finger, surgical removal of ganglion cysts, botulinum toxin treatments (e.g. for bruxism, anal fissures, hyperhidrosis and for the face). Acupuncture

Lupina Inna


Specialist in General Surgery. Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, hemorrhoids, rubber band ligations (RBL), transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD), HAL-RAR procedures, hemorrhoid surgery, hernia surgery, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, endoscopic surgery, incisional hernia repair, gallstones, gastrointestinal disorders

Pakkastie Timo

Gastroenterological Surgeon, Surgeon

MD, Specialist in Surgery and Gastroenterological Surgery. Stomach, hemorrhoids, hernia, gastrointestinal endoscopies, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, minor surgical procedures

Peräkylä Tarja

Vascular Surgeon, Surgeon

MD, Specialist in Surgery, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery. Mole removals, skin change removals, subcutaneous tumor removals, superficial varicose vein treatments, rubber band ligations (RBL) for hemorrhoids, ingrown nail removals and phenolisation

Steinbock Hannele


Lic. Med., Specialist in General Surgery. Minor surgical procedures

Väisänen Mika

Surgeon, Gastroenterological Surgeon

MD, Specialist in Surgery and Gastroenterological Surgery. Thyroid diseases, surgical diseases, mole removals, skin change removals, soft tissue neoplasm removals