Sport physician services

Sports physicians traditionally treat sports-related injuries. Orthopaedic physicians often work as sports physicians. We can offer you the services of shoulder, back, ankle, foot and knee specialists with extensive experience in treating professional and amateur athletes.

Sports physician is not an official title in Finland (although there are physicians who specialise in sports and exercise medicine). This means that any physician can call him- or herself a sports physician. However, the term sports physician is typically used by physicians who have a background in sports or at the very least a special interest in treating athletes.

Apart from orthopaedic physicians, we have sports and exercise medicine specialists as well as a wide variety of other physicians who treat athletes within their own specialist fields. For instance, athletes may be in need of cardiologist, gynaecologist, clinical physiologist and radiologist services. General practitioners with a special interest in sports can also treat athletes and, for instance, perform athletes’ health checks.



Make an appointment online or by calling 09 7750 800. You can also make an appointment at the reception desk at any Diacor medical centre.  


If you think that your insurance company can be billed for the treatment, please bring your insurance information (company name and insurance number).


Please observe the following, especially if you are visiting us for the first time:

  • Bring a list of the medications you are currently using, complete with the strengths and doses.
  • If you have ever had an allergic reaction to any medication, please keep a list of the medication(s) in question. 
  • If you have received treatment or been for follow-up visits elsewhere, please bring any relevant lab and/or X-ray results and case histories.

When paying, you can schedule appointments for any X-ray examinations, lab tests or other examinations that your doctor has prescribed for you.


A private physician sets his or her own rates, so the prices may vary depending on how long the appointment takes, for instance. You can get information about a particular physician’s rates online or when you make an appointment. 
An appointment of less than 20 minutes normally costs around 85 euros, but a Social Insurance Institution reimbursement of 13.50 euros is directly subtracted from the price. The customer pays 71.50 euros plus an administrative fee, which currently amounts to 17 euros. In this example, the customer therefore pays 88.50 euros for the visit. Any necessary examinations are billed separately.

Medical centres


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00530 Helsinki

Monday - Wednesday 7.30-19
Thursday - Friday 7.30-16


Flamingo Entertainment Centre Vantaa
Tasetie 8, 3rd floor
01510 Vantaa

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 12-17

Iso Omena

Commercial Centre Iso Omena
Piispansilta 9, 2nd floor
02230 Espoo

Monday - Friday 7.30-18 
Saturday - Sunday 10-17


Tallinnanaukio 4 A
00930 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
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Saturday - Sunday 10-15


Keskuskatu 7
00100 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.00-20
Friday 7.00-19
Saturday 9-18
Sunday 12-18


Shopping Center Sello, Ratsutori
Leppävaarankatu 7 A, 2nd floor
02600 Espoo

Monday - Thursday  7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 9-16


Porkkalankatu 22 A
00180 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18


Itätuulentie/-kuja 11, 3rd floor
02100 Espoo

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Unikkotie 5 a A, 2nd floor
01300 Vantaa

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Friday 7.30-18
Saturday - Sunday 9-15


Shopping Center Kaari, 3rd floor
Kantelettarentie 1
00420 Helsinki

Monday - Friday 7.30-20
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 10-17


Hakkarainen Harri

Sport Physician

Sports medicine, sports science and sports biomechanics. Stress injuries, comprehensive analysis and rehabilitation of prolonged fatigue and infections. Medical examinations for athletes

Halinen Jyrki


Lic. Med., Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Shoulder injuries, knee injuries, sports injuries, traumas

Harjula Ari

Vascular Surgeon, Surgeon

Professor, Specialist in General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Vascular Surgery. Venous surgery, arterial surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, minor surgical procedures

Heliö Harri

Orthopedist, Shoulder Surgeon

Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology and Surgery, Shoulder Surgeon, Chief Physician of Diacor Hospital. Shoulder trauma

Johans Milena

General Practitioner

Lic. Med., Resident in Occupational Health. Minor surgical procedures, mole removals, medical examinations for athletes, medical treatment

Kanervo Aki

Occupational Health Physician, General Practitioner

Specialist in General Practice and Occupational Health. Sports medicine, traffic medicine, diving and hyperbaric medicine, industrial medicine

Korpi Kirsi

Cardiologist, Sport Physician, General Practitioner

Lic. Med., Specialist in Cardiology, Physician in charge of Diacor Sports Medicine. Cardiovascular examinations, cardiac ultrasound scans, cardiac stress tests, cardiovascular diseases, athelete's overload, medical examination for athletes, internal disorders

Köhler Klaus

Sports Medicine Specialist, General Practitioner, Sport Physician

Lic. Med., Specialist in Sports Medicine. Sport and exercise related medical issues, sport injuries, traumas, stress related injuries, exercise-induced asthma, breathing problems, physical performance problems, overload, young athletes, medical examination for athletes

Leinonen Jukka


Lic. Med., Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Knee injuries, knee pain, knee arthroscopy, upper limb pain, neck pain, lower back pain, hip pain, ankle and foot injuries, ankle and foot pain

Lindahl Jan

Orthopedist, Sport Physician

Lic. Med., Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Sport Physician. Arthroscopic knee surgery, ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, multi-ligament knee reconstruction, MPFL reconstruction, meniscal repair, surgical correction of lower-limb deformities, ankle surgery, pelvic surgery

Linko Eric


Lic. Med., Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology and Surgery. Musculoskeletal traumas, knee arthroscopy, sports injuries, joint injuries (especially knee)

Michelsson Oliver


Lic. Med. Specialist in Surgery and Orthopedics and Traumatology, Podiatric Surgeon. Podiatric surgery, foot surgeries, ankle surgeries

Mykrä Kalle

General Practitioner, Sport Physician

Lic. Med. General practice, arterial hypertension, adult-onset diabetes, minor surgical procedures, mole removals, small skin change removals, ingrown nail treatments, joint injections, cortisone injections, cryosurgery for warts, orthopedic casts

Mäkinen Tapio

Occupational Health Physician, Sport Physician, General Practitioner

Sports injuries, general practice, general orthopedics, minor surgical operations

Pippingsköld Peter


Lic. Med., Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Sports injuries, knee disorders, back disorders

Roukanoja Heli


Lic. Med., Specialist in General Surgery and Orthopedics and Traumatology. Surgical procedures under local anesthetic, mole removals (face and body), bunion surgery, hammer toe surgery, hammer toe surgery, reposition of fracture

Suominen Samu

Occupational Health Physician

Lic. Med., Resident in Occupational Health. Medical treatment, minor surgical procedures, medical reports for abortion, medical reports on drug testing

Syvähuoko Ismo


Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology and Surgery. Sports surgery, knee surgery

Tikkanen Heikki

Clinical Physiologist

Specialist in Clinical Physiology and Sports Medicine

Vihavainen Mika

General Practitioner, Sport Physician

Lic. Med. General practice, acute care, minor surgical procedures, mole removals, small skin change removals, nail probems, cryosurgery, medical examinations, medical examination for athletes, sports injuries (especially injuries in gymnatics, martial arts, track and field, fitness). Esthetic treatments: Fractora RF treatments, laser hair removal

Vitikainen Antti


Lic. Med., Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology and Surgery, special competence in Insurance Medicine. Traumas, musculoskeletal disorders, same-day surgical procedures, knee arthroscopies

von Knorring Stefan

Sports Medicine Specialist

Adults' and children's (aged 8 years and older) sport and exercise related stress injuries, asthma / exercise-induced asthma