Special competence in traffic medicine

A physician who specialises in traffic medicine assesses the effects of diseases, injuries and drug use on road safety and studies injury mechanisms in traffic accidents. Traffic medicine helps improve road safety.


Ahoniemi Eija


Lic. Med., Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, special competence in Pain Management, Rehabilitation and Traffic Medicine. Musculoskeletal diseases, traumas, analgesia, rehabilitation, back, neck

Kivioja Aarne


MD, Docent, Specialist in Surgery and Orthopedics and Tramatology, special compentences in Traffic Medicine. Health consequences of road accidents and other injuries, bone tumors, musculoskeletal diseases as a result of aging

Lehtonen Lasse

General Practitioner

MD, Professor, Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, special competence in Traffic Medicine and Pharmaceutical Medicine. Traffic medicine, assessments of driving ability, pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular diseases, medical certificates for seafarers