Shoulder impingement syndrome surgery

Rotator cuff problems are among the most common reasons for seeking medical help. The problems are often caused by tendon stenosis and shoulder impingement, which typically cause pain when the arm is elevated, as well as during the night. The shoulder joint tissues, the rotator cuff tendons and the surrounding bursitis are irritated. Over time, the tissues become inflamed and swollen.
Early stages of shoulder impingement syndrome (Impingement M75.4) can be treated with conservative methods such as rest, medication, injections, physiotherapy and exercise. Temporarily reducing your workload can also be part of conservative treatment. If the problem is left untreated, the rotator cuff tendons will gradually begin to rupture. This typically results in weakness in the shoulder joint, in addition to the symptoms mentioned above.
If the impingement syndrome worsens and the treatment proves unsuccessful, an arthroscopy should be considered. At this stage, an acromioplasty is performed. Bone and soft tissue are removed to make more room for the shoulder joint. The procedure is performed through arthroscopy, in the day surgery unit. 

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