Psychotherapy services

Many people suffer from insomnia, concentration difficulties, fatigue and irritability. These are problems which may impair everyday life. But there is help available. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and panic disorders are very common. They can, however, be treated efficiently and at a reasonable price through psychotherapy.

At Diacor’s psychotherapy unit on Alppikatu, our treatments are based on Current Care Guidelines. This is a recommended form of psychotherapy which is scientifically proven to be effective.

Our psychotherapists are experienced healthcare professionals. All of them are registered by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health and the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela). They are familiar with many forms of psychotherapy, such as cognitive, cognitive analytic, psychodynamic and integrative psychotherapy, crisis and trauma therapy, and solution and resource-oriented psychotherapy.

Both occupational healthcare customers and private customers are welcome at our psychotherapy unit. The treatment can be paid for by the customer him- or herself or by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela), the employer, a medical insurance or a pension insurance company.


Psychotherapist services are intended for both private customers and occupational healthcare customers.

Private customers

You can book an appointment online (Choose service: Psychotherapist) or by calling (09) 7750 800. You can also ask for more information by sending us email:

Occupational healthcare customers

If your occupational healthcare covers psychotherapy, you need to be assessed by your occupational physician or by a psychiatrist before you can start psychotherapy. When the assessment has been made, our psychotherapy unit will contact you within 1-3 weekdays to schedule an appointment.


Individual psychotherapy: a short psychotherapy session €105-115 / 45 min. Rehabilitative psychotherapy reimbursed by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) is priced according to agreement.
Couple or family therapy: €130-150 / 90 min
Group therapy: starting from €600
An outpatient clinic fee of 17,90 € is added to the price. For a series of appointments, we charge one outpatient clinic fee for five appointments.
If you are having individual, couple or family therapy, you may be eligible for a Social Insurance Institution (Kela) reimbursement. In order to apply, you need a statement from a psychiatrist (a medical certificate B). 
With a Diacor Hoitotili (Healthcare Account), you get opportunities for flexible payment. If you wish, you can pay your bill in instalments.

Medical centres


Alppikatu 2 B, 2nd and 3rd floors
00530 Helsinki

Monday - Wednesday 7.30-19
Thursday - Friday 7.30-16
30.4.-1.5. Closed
24.5. 7.30-16
25.5. Closed


Keskuskatu 7
00100 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7-20
Friday 7-19
Saturday 9-18
Sunday 12-18
30.4.-1.5. 12-18
25.5. 12-18


Shopping Center Sello, Ratsutori
Leppävaarankatu 7 A, 2nd floor
02600 Espoo

Monday - Thursday  7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 9-16
30.4.-1.5. Closed
24.5. 7.30-18
25.5. Closed


Flamingo Entertainment Centre Vantaa
Tasetie 8, 3rd floor
01510 Vantaa

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 12-17
30.4. 12-17
1.5. 12-17
25.5. 12-17


Tallinnanaukio 4 A
00930 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday - Sunday 10-16
30.4.-1.5. 10-16
24.5. 7.30-18
25.5. 10-16


Shopping Center Kaari, 3rd floor
Kantelettarentie 1
00420 Helsinki

Monday - Friday 7.30-20
Saturday - Sunday 10-17
30.4.-1.5. 10-17
25.5. 10-17


Alhopuro Liisa

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, General Practitioner

Lic. Med., Psychotherapist (solution focused therapy). Hypnotherapy (training organized by the Society for Scientific Hypnosis in Finland)

Berg-Hägglund Merja

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalysts

Psychologist, Psychodynamic Psychoterapist (ET) and Psychoanalyst (VET). Individual and family consultations, consultations for crises in different periods of life. Assessments for psychotherapy. Short and long-term psychotherapy and psychoanalysis (Kela recognized psychotherapist). Crisis therapy, family counseling and guidance. Adults and adolescents (aged 17 years and older)

Cavén Sini

Psychologist, Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Work Supervisor

Dunderfelt-Lövegren Eeva

Neuropsychologist, Psychotherapist

Neuropsychologist, Cognitive Psychotherapist (YET). Neuropsychological tests

Flykt Marjo

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

PsyD, Early Interaction Psychotherapist. Depression during pregnancy, postpartum depression, anxiety and worries, fear of childbirth, infertility treatments, infant's crying, sleeping and eating problems, early interaction, infant's development, pre-school aged child's rearing issues. Doctoral dissertation on the perceptions of parents during pregnancy and early interactions in potential parenting risk situations (infertility treatments, parental depression, and substance abuse problems)

Grönroos Nina

Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Mood disorders, depression, anxiety, burnout, psychotherapy, crises, work or work community related problems

Heino Karin


Psychotherapy (solution and resource focused), Kela recognized psychotherapist. NLP Master Practitioner, Reteaming Coach, Work Supervisor

Huldin Riitta


Solution focused psychotherapist, one year of additional training in cognitive psychotherapy, education in substance abuse, Kela recognized psychotherapist. Individual therapy and couple therapy (short and long-term). Substance abusers, depression, anxiety, social problems, obsessions and compulsions, bipolar disorder, crises in different periods of life

Humaljoki Kaisa


Crisis and trauma oriented family therapy, family therapy (Kela recognized psychotherapist), couple therapy (Kela recognized psychotherapist), depression, early interaction support (pregnancy, families with babies and small children), parental guidence (for children under 16, Kela recognized psychotherapist), special expertise in neuropsychiatry (ADHD)

Kela Maija-Liisa

Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist (Kela recognized), special competence in Training of Psychotherapy. Adult individual therapy, adolescent therapy, relationship counseling, work coaching

Kivitie-Kallio Satu

Pediatrician, Psychotherapist

Docent, Specialist in Pediatrics and Child Neurology, Child Neurologist, Psychotherapist (family psychotherapy). Pediatrics, child neurology, social pediatrics, family psychotherapy

Korri Sirpa


Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (ET), Nurse. Psychodynamic therapy for adolescents and adults (Kela recognized), depression, anxiety and panic disorder and crises in different periods of life, parental guidance (Kela recognized), work supervision (social and health care work, child protection workers)

Kristmannsdottir Gudrun

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

PsyL, Specialized Psychologist in Integrative Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy Trainer (VET), Kela recognized. Individual consultations, consultations for parents (with children aged 13 years and over), adolescents and adults with mental symptoms, assessments for psychotherapy. Special competence: eating disorders, adolescents' and adults' eating disorders consultations, assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment, body image and exercise behavior disorders (such as obsessive exercise.). Long and short psychotherapy, training and lecturing

Lehto Maria

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Crises in different periods of life, difficult life situations, relationship problems, depression, burnout, anxiety, panic disorder, occupational health, pregnancy, life with an infant, childbirth, infertility, parenthood and relationship

Nevalainen Sari


PsyL, Specialized Psychologist in Psychotherapy, Psychotherapist (YET). Integrative psychotherapy with cognitive approach, short therapy, long-term therapy, Kela recognized. Crises in different periods of life, depression, anxiety, fears

Niemi Torsti


Rikala Mari


M.Soc.Sc, Social Welfare Worker, Psychotherapist. Crisis and trauma oriented family therapy, couple therapy, emotionally focused couple therapy. Support in challenges of parenthood (especially for parents with children under the age of 13)

Saarensilta Anne-Mari


Short and long-term psychotherapy (solution and resource focused), Kela recognized psychotherapist. Adolescents' and adults' individual therapy, counseling for parents

Saarimaa Anna-Leena

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Infertility, crises during pregnancy and after childbirth, postpartum depression, parenthood, rearing, crises in different periods of life, coping at work

Saranpää Katja


Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Work Supervisor. Crisis and trauma psychotherapy, cognitive methods. Depression, anxiety disorders (panic disorders, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessions and compulsions, posttraumatic stress disorder, phobias), insomnia, crises in different periods of life, traumatic crises. Short and long-term therapy. Kela recognized psychotherapist. Work supervision for social and health care workers

Siiskonen Timo


Psychodynamic psychotherapist (VET). Long-term and short-term psychotherapy, psychotherapy for adolescents

Soininen Sari

Occupational Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Individual consultations, work community coaching, supporting managerial work, lectures

Turunen Tuija

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

PsyD, Chef Psychologist, Crisis and Trauma Psychotherapy (ET), EMDR Therapist, EMDR Work Supervisor, training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Support for children, adolescents adults in crises and situations of change. Special expertise in dealing with sudden traumatic crises, sorrow and traumatic grief. Consultations, work supervision and training as agreed on separately

Vikström Riikka


Crisis and trauma oriented psychotherapist (ET), psychiatric nurse, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist, family therapy training. Expertise in the treatment of acute crises and traumatic grief at individual, family and community level. Crises in different periods of life, challenging situations in life, depression, dissociative disorder. Kela recognized psychotherapist