Post-operative physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an important part of the treatment both prior to and after surgery. The aim of pre-operative physiotherapy is to maintain the mobility and function of the joints and muscles while the patient is awaiting surgery. This way, good conditions are created for post-operative rehabilitation and healing. The post-operative physiotherapy is planned individually - just like the surgical procedure itself.

Surgery can correct a structural problem but not a functional one. The pain is often ultimately caused by motion control disorders, which may have led to incorrect distribution of pressure and which are treated with postoperative physiotherapy. This way, the problem is prevented from recurring. Swelling and pain after the operation can be treated with physiotherapy or with lymphatic drainage, which is used to stimulate lymphatic circulation.

Exercises performed at home are an important part of the rehabilitation. They are always designed individually, according to the patient’s needs. The aim of the exercises is to restore the mobility of the joints and strengthen muscles, coordination and motion control. The post-operative physiotherapy and home exercise progress in steps. It is important to take the normal physiological healing process into account and avoid exercises which are too hard. 


Make an appointment online, by calling 09 7750 800 or at the reception desk at any Diacor medical centre. You can make your appointment as soon as your operation has been scheduled, but you can also make it after your operation. When making your appointment, please mention that you wish to see a physiotherapist who specialises in postoperative physiotherapy.  


The price for post-operative physiotherapy depends on how long the treatment takes and the physiotherapist’s level of expertise. You can ask for a price estimate when making your appointment. If you have a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy, you are eligible for a small Social Insurance Institution (Kela) reimbursement. An outpatient clinic fee of 18,90 € is added to the price. For a series of appointments, we charge one outpatient clinic fee for five appointments.

Medical centres

Ruoholahti Physiotherapy

Tallberginkatu 2
00180 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-16
24.5. 7.30-16
25.5. Closed


Suunnittelijankatu 2 (Silkkikutomo building)
00880 Helsinki

Monday - Friday 7.30-17
25.5. Closed


Shopping Center Kaari, 3rd floor
Kantelettarentie 1
00420 Helsinki

Monday - Friday 7.30-20
Saturday - Sunday 10-17
25.5. 10-17


Shopping Center Sello, Ratsutori
Leppävaarankatu 7 A, 2nd floor
02600 Espoo

Monday - Thursday  7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 9-16
24.5. 7.30-18
25.5. Closed


Hiomotie 8
00380 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-16
Friday 7.30-14
25.5. Closed


Unikkotie 5 a A, 2nd floor
01300 Vantaa

Monday - Thursday 7.30-19
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday - Sunday 9-15
25.5. Closed


Allenius Mikael

OMT Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Knee injuries and pain, post-operative rehabilitation for knee, shoulder pain, post-operative rehabilitation for shoulder, sports physiotherapy (basketball, American football, track and field)

Engman Peter

OMT Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, manual therapy, post-operative physiotherapy, acupuncture

Heinämäki Mika


Physiotherapist, Osteopath. Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT / The McKenzie Method), Part A, B, C and D. Mobilisation and manipulation for spine and joints, fascial treatments, therapeutic exercise, Kinetic Control testing and exercise, Performance Matrix testing and exercise, post-operative rehabilitation, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping)

Holttinen Juha

Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist

Podiatric physiotherapy, lower limb analysis, lower limb disorders (treatment and prevention), post-operative physical therapy for lower limbs, sports physiotherapy (track and field), running analysis, Sidas orthoses

Jahn Annika

OMT Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

OMT physiotherapy, manual therapy, shoulder, neck, hip, knee, ankle, pre- and post-operative physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises and functonal training, acupuncture for pain relief, treatment of peripheral vertigo and headache, temporomandibular disorders (TMD), treatment and prevention of stress injuries, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping)

Jokitalo Olli

OMT Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, mobilisation and manipulation of spine and joints in the limbs, post-operative rehabilitation, exercise therapy, acupuncture, fascial treatments, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping). Neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle

Keskinen Jarno

OMT Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Sports physiotherapy (ice hockey, football, basketball, American football, team handball, rythmic gymnastics, track and field, jumping events, throwing events), athletic performance testing, athletic physique training, athlete's injury risk assessments, post-operative physical therapy (knee, shoulder, foot)

Kinnunen Tero

Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist

Specializing in manipulative physiotherapy (Maitland Concept). Musculoskeletal disorders, neck and back disorders, foot, ankle and knee disorders, post-operative physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy (ball sports), sports injuries, podiatric physiotherapy, lower limb analysis, orthoses

Kiviniemi Kreetta

OMT Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy (OMT), manual therapy, physiotherapy for temporomandibular disorders (TMD), acupuncture, neurological physiotherapy, dizziness, post-operative physiotherapy, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping), fascial treatment (fibrolysis), therapeutic exercise

Kähkönen Nikolai

OMT Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

OMT physiotherapy, musculoskeletal disorders, mobilisation, manipulation, acupuncture, post-operative rehabilitation, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping), fascial manipulation

Laakkonen Mika

Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy for lower limb disorders, post-operative rehabilitation, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy (floorball, running), lower limb analysis, orthoses

Lundström Staffan

OMT Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

OMT physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, manual therapy, post-operative physiotherapy, exercise therapy, acupunctrure, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping), neck, back, hip, shoulder, jaw, pain, working age people, seniors, adolescents, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy

Marttinen Antti

OMT Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Manual therapy for neck, back and shoulders, post-operative physical therapy, peripheral vertigo, dizziness, headache, lower limb analysis, orthoses, acupuncture

Marttinen Mia


Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP). Post-operative physiotherapy, musculoskeletal diseases (examination, treatment and prevention)

Niemelä Anna-Leena

OMT Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, neck, upper limbs, back, pelvis, lower limbs, manual therapy, sports physiotherapy (track and field, riding, physical exercise, gym), physical rehabilitation programmes, exercise programmes, rehabilitation of sports injuries, post-operative physical therapy

Pajunen Ari


Orthopedic Medicine International (OMI) Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Occupational Physiotherapist. Osteopathy, manual therapy, myofascial treatment and exercise, therapeutic exercises, movement control exercises, post-operative physical therapy, preventive guidance for occupational health clients

Parviainen Ulla

OMT Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

OMT Physiotherapist, OMT Physioterapy Trainer. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy for temporomandibular disorders (TMD), dizziness, peripheral vertigo, acupuncture, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping), post-operative physiotherapy

Suviranta-Ervasti Liina


Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, post-operative physiotherapy, lower limb analysis, orthoses (Footbalance Medical), acupuncture, exercise therapy, neck, upper back, lower limbs, pain

Tarkiainen Pekka

OMT Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy (ice hockey), acupuncture, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping), post-operative physiotherapy, temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

Tissari Jari

Occupational Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist

Diacor Omavalmentaja, MDT therapist (McKenzie Method), FAF Personal Trainer. Occupational physiotherapy, workplace visits, musculoskeletal disorders, sports physiotherapy, post-operative physical therapy, sports physiotherapy (football, basketball, gym, kettlebell), physical testing, Functional Movement Screen (FMS) tests, elastic therapeutic taping (kinesio taping), acupuncture, heart rate variability (HRV)

Vainio Pasi

Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist

Master of Sport Sciences. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, acute and chronic back and neck disorders, post-operative physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy (raquet sports, ball games, gym)