Pediatrician services

Small children in particular are most commonly brought to the pediatrician’s office because of viral respiratory tract infections and ear infections. Viruses can also cause gastroenteritis and eczema. The second most common reason is allergy-related symptoms. Smaller patients often suffer from food allergies and atopic eczema, while older children can suffer from pollen allergies. The third most common reason for visiting is functional symptoms such as abdominal pain, headache, constipation and incontinence. Growing pains can cause concern for parents too, and puberty comes with its own challenges.
The most common types of examinations are different kinds of lab tests, such as blood tests, throat swabs and urine tests. In some cases, X-ray or ultrasound examinations are needed. Allergies are diagnosed with skin prick tests or with blood and exposure tests.
The pediatricians have different fields of expertise. Ask for more information when making your appointment. For instance, if your child has a heart problem (e.g. a murmur), you can take him or her to see a child cardiologist, while an injury is best treated by a children’s surgeon. Appointments can be made directly with specialists in cases of allergies and urinary tract infections, for example. A child is usually under the care of a paediatrician until the age of 16-18.



Make an appointment online or by calling +358 9 7750 800. You can also make an appointment at the reception desk at any Diacor medical centre.  


Please observe the following, especially if you are visiting us for the first time

  • Bring a list of the medications your child is currently using, complete with the strengths and doses. Your child’s growth data are in many cases useful to us. We may also need information about any medication allergies and treatment received elsewhere.
  • If your child has ever had an allergic reaction to any medication, please keep a list of the medication(s) in question. 
  • If your child has received treatment for the same condition or been for follow-up visits elsewhere, please bring any relevant laboratory and X-ray results and case histories.

If your child has insurance, please bring the insurance information (company name and insurance number). You can pay at the reception desk after your child’s visit.


A private physician sets his or her own rates, so the prices may vary depending on how long the appointment takes, for instance. You can get information about a particular physician’s rates online or when you make an appointment.  
An appointment of less than 20 minutes normally costs around 80 €, but a Social Insurance Institution reimbursement of 13,50 € is directly subtracted from the price. The customer pays 66,50 € plus an outpatient clinic fee 18,90 €. Any necessary examinations are billed separately.




Medical centres


Flamingo Entertainment Centre Vantaa
Tasetie 8, 3rd floor
01510 Vantaa

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 12-17
30.4. 12-17
1.5. 12-17
25.5. 12-17

Iso Omena

Commercial Centre Iso Omena
Piispansilta 9, 2nd floor
02230 Espoo

Monday - Friday 7.30-20 
Saturday - Sunday 10-17
25.5. 10-17


Tallinnanaukio 4 A
00930 Helsinki

Monday - Thursday 7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday - Sunday 10-16
24.5. 7.30-18
25.5. 10-16


Shopping Center Kaari, 3rd floor
Kantelettarentie 1
00420 Helsinki

Monday - Friday 7.30-20
Saturday - Sunday 10-17
25.5. 10-17


Shopping Center Sello, Ratsutori
Leppävaarankatu 7 A, 2nd floor
02600 Espoo

Monday - Thursday  7.30-20
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday 9-16
24.5. 7.30-18
25.5. Closed


Unikkotie 5 a A, 2nd floor
01300 Vantaa

Monday - Thursday 7.30-19
Friday 7.30-18
Saturday - Sunday 9-15
25.5. Closed


Arola Anita


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiologist

Boldt Talvikki


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology. Children's heart diseases

Bondestam Jonas


Specialist in Pediatrics. General pediatrics

Byring Roger

Pediatrician, Pediatric Neurologist

Specialist in Pediatrics and Child Neurology

Hero Matti


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics, special competence in Child Endocrinology. Children's growth disorders, children's hormonal disorders

Hölttä Tuula


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics. Children's diseases, children's renal diseases, nephrology, urinary tract infections, diurnal and nocturnal enuresis

Jalanko Hannu


Specialist in Pediatrics and Clinical Microbiology. Infectious diseases, renal diseases, hepatopathy

Joensuu Jaana


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics. General pediatrics, children's infections, children's vaccination

Karppinen Sinikka


Lic. Med., Specialist in Pediatrics

Kivistö Kaisa


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics. Children's diseases

Kivitie-Kallio Satu

Pediatrician, Psychotherapist

Docent, Specialist in Pediatrics and Child Neurology, Child Neurologist, Psychotherapist (family psychotherapy). Pediatrics, child neurology, social pediatrics, family psychotherapy

Koponen Petri


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics. Children's infections, asthma, general pediatrics

Kotiranta Anna


Specialist in Pediatrics. Children's infections, asthma, enuresis, growth, constipation, adolescent medicine, adolescent gynecology

Niinikoski Harri

Pediatric Endocrinologist, Pediatrician

Docent, Specialist in Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology

Nyman Ralf


Lic. Med., Specialist in Pediatrics

Palkama Tessa


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics

Pöyhönen Heidi

Resident in Pediatrics

Lic. Med., Resident in Pediatrics

Rautanen Tarja


MD, Specialist in Pediatrics. Children's infections

Salmi Toivo T.


MD, Professor, Specialist in Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology and Pediatric Oncology

Savolainen Johannes

Pediatrician, Allergologist

MD, Professor, Specialist in Pediatrics and Allergology

Terho Pirjo


Lic. Med., Specialist in Pediatrics

Turta Olli

General Practitioner, Resident in Pediatrics

Vornanen Kirsti

Pediatrician, Pediatric Allergist

Lic. Med., Specialist in Pediatrics and Pediatric Allergology. Children's infections, pollen allergies, food allergies, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergy testing, food allergy testing, desensitization

Wehkalampi Karoliina

Pediatrician, Pediatric Endocrinologist

MD, Docent, Specialist in Pediatrics, Pediatric Endocrinologist. Children's growth, hormonal problems, thyroid disorders, puberty, diabetes