Nurse services

You do not always need a doctor; some problems can be treated quickly and easily by a nurse. Nurses perform simple procedures such as wound care and removal of wood splinters and ticks. They also offer guidance and advice on health-related matters.

A nurse can, for instance, help you with the following:

  • treatment of, and advice on, minor respiratory and other infections
  • vaccinations and health advice for travellers
  • blood pressure measurements
  • removal of stitches
  • administering injections
  • ear flushing

If necessary, the nurse refers you to a physician or books you in for follow-up visits.


You can see a nurse at any one of our medical centres, either with or without an appointment. If you arrive without an appointment, you may have to wait for your turn. Make an appointment with a nurse by calling (09) 7750 800, or go to your nearest Diacor medical centre.


The price for a 20-minute appointment starts from 29 €. Materials used in the treatment are billed separately. An administrative fee of 17,50 € is also added to the price.


Pulkkinen Satu


Pediatric Nurse, Allergy and Asthma Specialist Nurse, Vaccination Specialist Nurse