Mulligan treatment

The Mulligan Concept (CMP) is a treatment method developed over 30 years ago in New Zealand, by Brian R. Mulligan. The treatment combines passive joint treatment performed by a specially trained physiotherapist with active movement on the part of the patient. The method is painless.

The fact that the Mulligan techniques are painless also means that they are safe, and they work well in combination with other manual techniques and other forms of physiotherapy. The purpose of the treatment is to increase mobility in the spine and joints and to relieve pain and movement restrictions. The therapist can also design home exercises which support the treatment. The techniques can be used to treat musculoskeletal disorders in any part of the body.



Make an appointment by calling 09 7750 800 or at the reception desk at any Diacor medical centre. When making your appointment, please mention that you wish to see a physiotherapist who specialises in Mulligan treatment.


Please arrive on time to make sure you have sufficient time to sign in. If you have previously received treatment elsewhere, please bring any relevant test results and case histories with you.


You can pay at the reception desk after your treatment session.


The price for Mulligan treatment depends on the length of the treatment session. For instance, the price for a 45-minute session is €71. However, a doctor's referral for physiotherapy entitles you to a small Social Insurance Institution (Kela) reimbursement. You can make an appointment for Mulligan treatment even if you do not have a referral.

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Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP). Post-operative physiotherapy, musculoskeletal diseases (examination, treatment and prevention)