Memory disorder specialist nurse services

Memory loss and lapses can be early signs of memory disorder. Some memory disorders can be treated, and if the disorder is diagnosed in time, its progress can be slowed down. It is important that all suspected memory disorders are investigated promptly.

The memory nurse assesses the patient using an interview protocol and a CERAD memory test. The test focuses on those central cognitive functions which typically deteriorate in the early stages of a memory disorder.

If the test result gives reason to suspect a memory disorder, the nurse refers the patient to a physician. After the nurse’s appointment, a follow-up and monitoring plan is drawn up. 

If you notice that you or a family member suffers from memory loss that interferes with everyday life, you should contact a memory nurse. You do not need a referral to see a memory nurse.



Make an appointment with a memory nurse online or by calling 09 7750 800.


Please observe the following, especially if you are visiting us for the first time

  • If you want to discuss several issues, please write them down beforehand to make sure you remember everything.
  • If you have received treatment or been for follow-up visits elsewhere, please bring any relevant case histories.

You can pay after your visit.


An appointment with a memory nurse takes about an hour. The normal price for a 60-minute appointment is 110 €.

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