Medical examination for athletes

Even though athletes are usually healthy and strong, they too may have questions about their own health status. A medical examination specially designed for athletes provides the answers.

Heart examinations require special attention, as some abnormalities are acceptable in an athlete’s heart. We know that endurance sports increase the size of the cardiac chambers and that strength training thickens the walls of the heart. These changes can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from heart disease. The fact that slightly different deviations in e.g. ECG are considered acceptable in different genetic groups also poses a challenge. With increasing internationalisation, these issues have come up on the agenda here in Finland too.

Thanks to the Finnish system of maternity and child clinics and school healthcare, most congenital heart defects are diagnosed at an early stage. Many sports clubs and federations also require their athletes to have regular health checks. Thanks to this, Finland has seen few cases of heart-related sudden deaths among athletes. Such tragedies have occurred in many other countries, and as a result, international sports federations such as FIFA and UEFA have issued recommendations concerning regular health checks for athletes.

Elite athletes are advised to have health checks once a year. The same recommendation applies to young athletes who quality- and quantity-wise train on the same level as adults. Many youths who aim for professional sports careers train quite professionally already as 16-year-olds. An ECG is an important part of the health check, and you should always bring your old ECG results to the appointment for comparison purposes. During your health check, we will also offer guidance on how to avoid any injuries that are typical of your sport, among other things. We will also check whether you need to update any of your vaccinations. 

NB! Medical examinations for athletes are performed for preventive purposes. The physician assesses the possible need for further examinations or treatment and books you in for additional appointments if necessary. 



Go to the laboratory at any one of Diacor’s medical centres (CRP C-reactive protein, basic blood count, thrombocytes and resting ECG).


Make an appointment for your health check online or by calling 09 775 0800.


If you have previously had an ECG, you should bring your old results.


Further examinations, such as a physiotherapist’s muscle balance assessment, will be performed if necessary.


The price for an athlete’s health check is 225 €. Any additional examinations and physiotherapist’s assessments are billed separately.


Kanervo Aki

Occupational Health Physician, General Practitioner

Specialist in General Practice and Occupational Health. Sports medicine, traffic medicine, diving and hyperbaric medicine, industrial medicine

Korpi Kirsi

Cardiologist, Sport Physician, General Practitioner

Lic. Med., Specialist in Cardiology, Physician in charge of Diacor Sports Medicine. Cardiovascular examinations, cardiac ultrasound scans, cardiac stress tests, cardiovascular diseases, athelete's overload, medical examination for athletes, internal disorders

Köhler Klaus

Sports Medicine Specialist, General Practitioner, Sport Physician

Lic. Med., Specialist in Sports Medicine. Sport and exercise related medical issues, sport injuries, traumas, stress related injuries, exercise-induced asthma, breathing problems, physical performance problems, overload, young athletes, medical examination for athletes

Suominen Samu

Occupational Health Physician, General Practitioner

Lic. Med., Resident in Occupational Health. Medical treatment, minor surgical procedures, medical reports for abortion, medical reports on drug testing

Vihavainen Mika

General Practitioner, Sport Physician

Lic. Med. General practice, acute care, minor surgical procedures, mole removals, small skin change removals, nail probems, cryosurgery, medical examinations, medical examination for athletes, sports injuries (especially injuries in gymnatics, martial arts, track and field, fitness). Esthetic treatments: Fractora RF treatments, laser hair removal