Long-term blood sugar monitoring

Long-term blood sugar monitoring can, for instance, be used to study how sensitive a diabetic is to the blood sugar lowering effect of exercise or how much and how quickly differently composed meals raise the patient’s blood sugar. The readings obtained during the night are particularly useful, as they show whether high blood sugar levels in the morning are preceded by low levels in the small hours (asymptomatic hypoglycemic episodes). This test is only performed on patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Long-term blood sugar monitoring is often used for investigating inexplicable morning blood sugar values, diagnosing asymptomatic hypoglycemic episodes, explaining mismatches between HbA1 levels and blood sugar readings obtained through self-monitoring, adjusting the basal insulin dose during insulin pump treatment, and treating diabetes in pregnant women. Long-term blood sugar monitoring can help achieve glycaemic control in cases where traditional blood sugar measurements have not been sufficient to achieve the desired results.

The monitoring is performed using a sensor which is positioned under the skin and left in place for six days. During the time of measurement, the patient should live as normally as possible. It is important that he or she keeps a journal of insulin doses, food and particularly carbohydrates and physical activity.

The result has the form of a graph. If necessary, an internal medicine specialist or a diabetes specialist can help interpret the results. 



You need a doctor’s referral to undergo long-term blood sugar monitoring.


When you have a referral, you can make an appointment directly with a diabetes nurse on 09 7750 8444.  


To get the results, please make an appointment or telephone appointment with the physician who referred you for the test.


Long-term blood sugar monitoring €264,50. No administrative fee is added to the price. The Social Insurance Institution (Kela) can reimburse part of the cost.

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