Laser surgery procedure

The first step is a thorough preoperative assessment, performed by our team of experts, where the suitability of laser surgery is assessed and an individual treatment plan is drawn up. The treatment process consists of the preoperative assessment, the surgical procedure itself, postoperative care and three follow-up examinations.
During the preoperative assessment, our experts measure the eye’s refractive power and visual acuity and perform a dilated eye examination, a corneal topography and a wavefront measurement. This way, they can gain a good understanding of the eye’s optical features and possible distortions. This information forms the basis for a successful operation.
Prior to the preoperative assessment and the operation, the patient must refrain from using contact lenses:
  • •Soft lenses for daytime wear – 1 week
  • •Soft lenses for around-the-clock wear – 2 weeks
  • •Rigid lenses – 4 weeks
The operation is performed as a day surgery procedure in our eye care unit in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. During the procedure, the eye is anaesthetised with eye drops. The procedure is painless, but you may feel some discomfort. You will be discharged from care about an hour after the procedure, when the surgeon has examined the eye. We will give you clear home care instructions before you leave.
Following LASIK surgery, the eye will be examined after about one hour. Follow-up examinations will also be performed after 1-3 days, 1 month and 6 months. PRK surgery requires follow-up examinations after 4 days, 1 month and 6 months.
All surgical procedures are associated with risks, even though the risks are minimal in the case of laser surgery. Each patient is unique and therefore treated according to an individual treatment plan. Learn more about the risks and possible side effects.