Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests are reliable and useful tools for diagnosing the causes of various symptoms and planning the treatment. Our laboratories handle, for instance, blood and secretion samples. The samples can often be taken during the doctor’s appointment.

The abbreviation in front of the test name in the referral indicates what kind of sample is used in the test.

  • P/S plasma/serum i.e. blood test
  • fS/fP plasma/serum i.e. blood test which requires a 10–12 hour fast
  • U urine test
  • cU/dU urine collection test
  • F stool analysis

Diet, smoking, alcohol, medications and exercise all affect the results of laboratory tests. You will get more detailed information about how to ensure a reliable result from your physician or the laboratory.

The results from the tests are available from the physician who prescribed them.



Our laboratories serves patients with appointments between 7.30am and 10am. When making an appointment online, select ‘laboratory’. We do not require appointments, if you wish, you can simply go to your nearest laboratory, take a queue ticket and wait for your turn. Urgent cases are tended to without appointments at any time during the laboratory’s opening hours.


We recommend that you sit down for a few moments before the sample is taken, to allow your blood pressure to stabilise.


Read the instructions for how to prepare for your urine or blood test. 


To get the results, please make an appointment or telephone appointment with the physician who referred you for the test.


The price depends on the type of test. You can get information about the price at the medical centre where the test is taken.

Medical centres

You can take the tests at any one of our medical centres.