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Our day surgery hospital in Ruoholahti is a reliable source of surgical expertise. We offer quick and flexible treatment. Learn more about our healthcare network.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art surgical equipment and techniques, we are often able to discharge patients during the same day. It is also possible to stay the night in the hospital.

If you wish to make an appointment with the surgical department, please call 09 7750 8180 (Monday to Friday between 8am and 3pm)

If you have an operation planned, learn more about Diacor Hoitotili (Healthcare Account). It provides opportunities for flexible payment arrangements.

We have built up long-term partnerships with several insurance companies.

Presurgery and postsurgery instructions

In order to ensure safe and high-quality treatment, we carefully assess your physical and general condition as well as any potential risk factors prior to your operation. Read more.

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Back surgery
Hand surgery
Gastrointestinal surgery
Shoulder surgery
Gynecological surgery
Knee surgery
Pediatric surgery
Ankle and foot surgery
Varicose vein surgery
Ear, nose and throat surgery

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Operating days are from Monday to Friday