Foreskin surgery

Many small boys have a tight foreskin (phimosis). This condition may cause the foreskin to become swollen when the child urinates. Phimosis does not require surgery. An inflamed foreskin also tends to heal by itself as the child grows.

However, balanitis xerotica obliterans, which causes a previously loose foreskin to become tight, needs to be treated with circumcision. A tight foreskin in an adolescent boy may also need to be treated with preputioplasty or, in some cases, circumcision.


Prices for the most common procedures performed by children’s surgeons:
The price for surgical treatment of phimosis starts from €1448 

A total cost estimate is made during an appointment with the specialist who performs the procedure. The final price is determined by the materials and implants used, the duration and difficulty of the procedure, the need for additional examinations and the length of the hospital stay. 

 The Social Insurance Institution (Kela) can reimburse part of the surgeon’s and anaesthesiologist's fees. The size of the reimbursement is determined by the standard rate which has been set by the Social Insurance Institution for the relevant procedure code. In practice, the reimbursement does not cover the full cost of the procedure. 

With a Diacor Hoitotili (Healthcare Account), you get opportunities for flexible payment. If you wish, you can pay your bill in instalments.