Family and couple therapy

Family and couple therapy focuses on discussing, understanding and resolving dysfunctional communication or behaviour patterns within the family and the problems they cause. The goal is to change those communication patterns that maintain the problems and prevent constructive and forward-looking solutions.

In couple therapy, feelings are considered to determine and mirror the communication patterns in the relationship. When feelings are discussed, confronted and expanded, change can be achieved.

Conflicts between family members can be linked to normal development of the family and its members. For instance, problems and questions can arise when children grow up and become more independent. Some families also experience more serious crises such as divorce, serious illness, death or suicide.



You can make an appointment for family or couple therapy online or by calling 09 775 0800.


The prices range from €110 for a 60-minute session to €150 for a 90-minute session. An outpatient clinic fee of 18,90 € is added to the price. For a series of appointments, we charge one outpatient clinic fee for five appointments.

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Flykt Marjo

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

PsyD, Early Interaction Psychotherapist. Depression during pregnancy, postpartum depression, anxiety and worries, fear of childbirth, infertility treatments, infant's crying, sleeping and eating problems, early interaction, infant's development, pre-school aged child's rearing issues. Doctoral dissertation on the perceptions of parents during pregnancy and early interactions in potential parenting risk situations (infertility treatments, parental depression, and substance abuse problems)

Humaljoki Kaisa


Crisis and trauma oriented family therapy, family therapy (Kela recognized psychotherapist), couple therapy (Kela recognized psychotherapist), depression, early interaction support (pregnancy, families with babies and small children), parental guidence (for children under 16, Kela recognized psychotherapist), special expertise in neuropsychiatry (ADHD)

Juusola Aino


Psychological tests, children's and adolescents' mental health, forensic psychology

Kivitie-Kallio Satu

Pediatrician, Psychotherapist

Docent, Specialist in Pediatrics and Child Neurology, Child Neurologist, Psychotherapist (family psychotherapy). Pediatrics, child neurology, social pediatrics, family psychotherapy

Korkeala Päivi


Nurse, Psychotherapist (ET): Trauma and crisis orientated family therapy and couple therapy, parental guidance, transcultural nursing. Expertise: relationship problems, burnout, challenging situations in life, parental issues, challenges of parenthood, neuropsychiatry, children's and adolescents' mental health, child's challenging behaviour. Kela's rehabilitative psychotherapy: family therapy, couple therapy (adults, aged 26–67), family therapy and parental guidance (adolescents, aged 16–25). Consultations, supervision of work and training as agreed on separately

Mattila Leea


Child-parent relationship, interaction, Theraplay

Rikala Mari


M.Soc.Sc, Social Welfare Worker, Psychotherapist. Crisis and trauma oriented family therapy, couple therapy, emotionally focused couple therapy. Support in challenges of parenthood (especially for parents with children under the age of 13)

Sailo Eriikka

Sexuality Therapist

Couple and Sexuality Therapist, Midwife, Public-Health Nurse, Pain Specialist Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse. Sexuality therapy: diversity of sexuality, post cancer treatment conditions. Couple therapy