Eyelid surgery

As you get older, your skin - including that around your eyes - becomes looser and starts to sag.  The firmness or looseness of your skin is primarily determined by your age and genetic factors, but UV exposure and smoking also play a role.

Over time, your eyelids lose some of their elasticity, leaving excess skin above and below the eyes. In some cases, excess fat tissue also develops under the eyelid muscle layer. The condition may lead to tiredness, headache, ulcers, abrasive eyelashes or narrowing of the visual field, or simply be cosmetically disturbing.

Eyelid surgery is performed by a specialist who is familiar with this particular field. The treatment is planned in cooperation with the surgeon, during a preoperative appointment with him or her.

Surgery for the upper eyelid

Upper eyelid surgery is used to treat hanging or bulging upper eyelids. During the procedure, excess skin and fat tissue is removed. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and you will be discharged from care the same day.

Surgery for the lower eyelid

During lower eyelid surgery, loose skin and muscle tissue as well as any excess fat tissue is removed. Eyelid surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. You will be discharged from care shortly after the procedure.

You may experience swelling and bruises for 1-3 weeks after the procedure. These disappear by themselves and do not affect the final result. The stitches are removed 5-7 days after the procedure.



Make an initial appointment with a specialist by calling 09 7750 800.


During your appointment, the specialist will examine your eyelids, draw up a treatment plan and book you in for surgery.


The prices vary depending on the difficulty of the procedure. You can apply for a Social Insurance Institution (Kela) reimbursement (according to the SII’s instructions). An outpatient clinic fee of 18,90 € will be added to the price. 

We have built up long-term partnerships with several insurance companies. Learn more about our insurance agreements. 

With a Diacor Hoitotili (Diacor Healthcare Account), you get opportunities for flexible payment. If you wish, you can pay your bill in instalments.

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