Children's and adolescents' services

Wide range of services

Children and adolescents are sometimes ill, but they may also need support in other health-related matters. We offer a wide range of services for families and support you as a parent in matters relating to your child’s development and growth. Perhaps you and your family are planning a holiday abroad and need travel vaccinations? We can help with those. Our main services for children and adolescents are available at all of our medical centres. Moreover, our centres at Flamingo, Iso Omena and Kannelmäki specialise in young patients.

Ear grommets can be a huge help!

In many cases, ear infections can be treated with painkillers or antibiotics. If the patient suffers from recurrent or prolonged middle ear infections, ear grommets can be an effective solution.

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Do you suffer from allergies?

With springtime comes allergy symptoms such as headache and nasal congestion when alder and birch trees start to pollinate in April or May. Allergies can be diagnosed with skin prick tests or blood and exposure tests.

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