Bone density measurement

Bone density measurements or bone mineral density tests (BMD-tests) can be performed in cases of fragility fractures, suspect osteoporosis based on X-ray findings, decreased height or potentially bone-deteriorating cortisone treatments.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are bone metabolism diseases that decrease bone density and weaken the bones. They increase the risk of fractures. Bone brittleness can, for instance, be caused by lack of exercise, excessive smoking, lack of calcium, a thin build, long-term cortisone treatment, lack of vitamin D, or having a mother who fractured her hip.

A bone density measurement (DEXA scan) is a low-energy X-ray examination which takes around 15 minutes. The bone density is measured in the lumbar spine and both hips. An X-ray physician analyses the results and writes a statement. The patient will be given an opportunity to discuss the results with the physician who made the referral.



You need a doctor’s referral for a bone density measurement. 


When you have a referral, you can schedule an appointment for an examination online, by calling 09 775 0800 or at the reception desk of Diacor Keskusta. If you make your appointment online, select ‘BMD-test’.


Please bring your referral (which may also be electronic), a valid SII (Kela) card and any results from previous measurements to your appointment.


To get the results, please schedule an appointment or a telephone appointment with the physician who referred you for the test.


The examination costs €155. In most cases, the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) reimburses part of the cost and the patient only pays a deductible of €124. No administrative fee is charged for the examination.

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