General Practitioner

Feller Mirva

General Practitioner
Expertise: Lic. Med. General practice for patients of all ages. Medical certificates for a driver's licence, medical certificates for exchange students, medical examinations, guidance for travellers. Minor surgical procedures, e.g. joint injections, mole and small skin change removals from the body (except from the face and neck area), wedge excisions, cryosurgery, insertion and removal of contraceptive implant. Acupuncture

I recommend to book a 30-minute appointment if you need an exchange student's medical certificate or acupuncture treatment.

Services: General practitioner services, Travel vaccinations
Medical centres: Tikkurila
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Italian
Other: medical certificates for a driving licence, medical certificates for exchange students

Price list

Price list for private customers during weekdays:

20 min. 50-55 e
30 min. 80 e
45 min. 110 e
60 min. 150 e

Price list for private customers on Saturdays:

20 min. 60 e

Price list for private customers on Sundays:

20 min. 95 e