Qadri Kaarina

Expertise: Lic. Med., Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Minor surgical procedures, Bartholin's cyst incision and drainage, skin change removals, biopsies from the genitalia, endometrial biopsies, gynecologic ultrasound scans, ultrasound scans during early pregnancy, pregnancy follow-up, insertion and removal of intrauterine device, insertion and removal of contraceptive implant, condyloma treatment, menstrual disorders, adolescents initiating hormonal contraception, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), incontinence, vulvodynia treatments, medical reports for abortion

Services: Gynecologist services
Medical centres: Tikkurila
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Other: medical reports for abortion

Price list

Price list for private customers during weekdays:

20 min. 85 e
30 min. 103 e
45 min. 145 e
60 min. 190 e