Insurance companies

We have concluded agreements with major Finnish insurance companies on the provision of medical services for our joint customers. We treat individual customers who are insured by virtually any  insurance company.

All our agreements cover the following types of insurance:

  • statutory accident insurance (statutory accident insurance and traffic accidents, also known as full cost responsibility)
  • sickness cost insurance for companies
  • sickness cost insurance for private individuals
  • private accident insurance and travel insurance
  • sports licence insurance.

With respect to statutory insurance, the insurance company has the right to choose the care provider that will provide the medical service for a customer. With respect to other insurance policies, private customers may choose their care provider from the insurance company’s contract partners. Diacor has a separate insurance service unit that serves insurance companies. For contact details, see the box opposite. Our physicians are also familiar with the services of insurance companies and are happy to provide advice on various insurance policies, their compensations and practices.

In statutory insurance policies, first aid care or similar may be charged directly from the insurance company. For the most expensive treatments and examinations – in practice, this concerns MRI examinations and various surgical operations – the attending physician asks the insurance company to provide a promissory note. For a promissory note, you will require an E certificate. Particularly with respect to the insurance policies of various sports clubs, you should carefully study the limitations of the policy in question in advance.

With voluntary insurance policies (such as private accident insurance, sickness cost insurance, travel insurance and licence insurance) the customer usually pays for the treatment first and then applies for compensation from the insurance company. However, for the most expensive treatments and examinations, it is possible to apply for a promissory note from the insurance company, just like in statutory insurance policies. Our physicians and the insurance service unit are very familiar with these practices are happy to provide more advice. We are training them continuously to ensure that things run smoothly.

If an accident has occurred, the insurance company will need an accident report with details of the accident. Please note that many insurance policies involve an excess – a certain sum that will not be compensated to the insured.
Diacor has valid service contracts with Folksam, If (including Kaleva and Mandatum), LähiTapiola (including Turva), POP Vahinkovakuutus and Vektor. 

If you have any questions on promissory notes, please send them to