Small businesses

Do your current occupational healthcare investments generate sufficient returns? Do you require a prompt and resolute service to ensure the productivity of your employees?

Here are five good reasons for selecting Diacor as your occupational healthcare partner: 

1. We focus on what matters

We understand that for a small business, even the effort of a single employee is vital. A CEO might not have the time to constantly pore over the details of an occupational healthcare plan. We at Diacor want to do things rationally, easily and dependably. You, on the other hand, will have time to focus on your core business.

2. Profitable investments in well-being

When invested properly in improving and maintaining your employees’ work ability, you will make back your money many times over. Satisfied employees improve the company’s productivity and competiveness. We will help you find the right solutions for your company.

3. By promoting health, we reduce absences due to sickness

Modern occupational healthcare follows a proactive philosophy: preventing work-related disorders and the resulting loss of work ability. Medical problems are costly not only for the company, but also for society and the employee him or herself. We make sure that your healthcare investments are allocated in the most efficient way – less in medical care and more in preventing health and disability risks.

4. A wide range of services near you

We have the most extensive network of clinics in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Each of our 13 full-service clinics in Helsinki, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi and Espoo have excellent connections close by.

Thanks to our subcontractor network, we can guarantee that your employees also have access to our high-quality services outside the Helsinki metropolitan area.

5. Thanks to you, we can do good

We are 100% Finnish-owned. Our largest shareholder is the Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation, which is committed to helping the most disadvantaged members of society. The bulk of our operating profit is paid directly to the foundation.

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