What if taking care of your working ability was trouble-free and methodical? Do you need a prompt and resolute service to ensure your productivity?

Here are four good reasons for selecting Diacor as your occupational healthcare partner:

1. You are the most important employee in your company

We understand that the most important asset in your company is you. Your health and productivity are critical to the success of your business. As our customer, you will know you are in good hands and you’ll have the combined skills of our interdisciplinary occupational healthcare team at your fingertips.

2. Minimise absences due to sickness, maximise productivity

You will make back the money you invest in your work ability many times over. Being sick is expensive for entrepreneurs, especially if you are the only person working in your company. Our highly modern services have been designed to provide health benefits and prevent health problems proactively by listening to the customer’s needs.

3. A wide range of services near you

We have the most extensive network of clinics in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Each of our 14 full-service clinics in Helsinki, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi, Espoo and Turku have excellent connections close by.

4. Thanks to you, we can do good

We are 100% Finnish-owned. Our largest shareholder is the Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation, which is committed to helping the most disadvantaged members of society. The bulk of our dividends are paid directly to the foundation.

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