Financing services

The Diacor Healthcare Account (Diacor Hoitotili) is your key to a flexible payment tailored to your needs. Opening the account does not cost anything, and you can start using your new account immediately.

If you have the Diacor Healthcare Account, you do not have to pay anything when you visit us – we will send you an invoice to your home address. You can pay the invoice at once or in instalments and choose from different payment options. One of the options is 12-month payment period without interest. In that case, all you need to pay is your monthly instalment, a processing fee of EUR 4/month and a one-off account fee of EUR 35. With a 12-month payment period, your total extra charges are only EUR 83, regardless of the credit sum. Read more on the variety of options available from the Diacor Healthcare Account brochure with more information on various credit sums, monthly instalments, fees and payment periods. 

You can also use Diacor Healthcare Account to pay the excess on your insurance policy.
Apply for credit online or fill in your application in one of our medical centres or hospitals before your examination, appointment or operation. We recommend that you apply for your Diacor Healthcare Account well in advance of any extensive examinations or operations. The credit institution is ResursBank. Please read the following: General Credit Account Terms and Conditions and Special Account Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions concerning the application, the financing options available or the account terms and conditions, please contact ResursBank customer service, tel. +358 (0)9 6224 308 (Mon to Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm).


Examples of the most common treatments and examinations:
Total costs under EUR 400
- Appointments with a physician and health examinations, including standard laboratory examinations
- Allergy tests
- Standard radiography and ultrasound examinations
- Standard clinical physiology examinations (such as pulmonary and heart examinations)

Total costs more than EUR 400
- Endoscopic examinations at a medical centre (such as gastrointestinal endoscopy or colonoscopy)
- Small surgical operations at a medical centre (such as hand surgery or urological operations)
- Foam sclerotherapy of varicose veins
- MRI examinations
- Serial treatments and groups in physiotherapy and OMT physiotherapy
- Psychotherapy for individuals. Treatment plans for individual therapy are prepared after assessment meetings.
Total costs more than EUR 1,000
- Cataract surgery at Ruoholahti eye hospital
- Small surgical operations for children at Diacor Hospital
- Psychotherapy for groups. Treatment plans for individual therapy provided to private customers are prepared after 2 or 3 assessment meetings.
Total costs more than EUR 2,000 
- Refractive eye surgery (for both eyes) at Ruoholahti eye hospital
- Surgical operations at Diacor Hospital.