Food provocation tests on children

Food provocation tests are performed to diagnose food allergies.

Allergies against food staples such as milk and grains can be diagnosed with provocation tests.  Before the test, the child should avoid eating the foodstuff in question for at least two weeks.

The test takes 3-4 hours and is performed by an allergy nurse under the supervision of a pediatrician who is specialised in allergies, i.e. an allergologist.

The Social Insurance Institution (Kela) grants reimbursements to sufferers of food allergies. Some reimbursements are only granted if the applicant has undergone a provocation test under the supervision of a physician. 



Make an appointment with a physician specialized in allergies online or by calling 09 7750 800.


Make an appointment for a provocation test by calling:

  • Diacor Iso Omena, tel. 09 7750 6255.


The price for a provocation test depends on how long it takes. The price is 286,10 - 358,60 euros. The price includes the provocation test, the physician’s fee and the administrative fee. Any statements required by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) are billed separately (77 euros).

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