Diacor does good

Diacor is part of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute’s group of companies, which specialise in social and welfare services. The majority of the dividends paid out by Diacor are used for helping those who most urgently need support in Finnish society. For additional information about these efforts as well as the corporate taxes paid by Diacor, please refer to our corporate responsibility reports. Diacor’s dividends are used for doing good.

Our history

Diacor terveyspalvelut Oy has its roots in two different companies. Hospital services were first established in 1867, when the Helsinki Deaconess Institute was founded. At the end of 1996, Diacor bought the hospital from its owner. Diacor's network of clinics started out as a different company, Lauttasaaren Tutkimuskeskus Oy, which was founded on 7 May 1969. In the early 1980s, the company was bought by the Deaconess Institute, and, in 1988, it was renamed Diacor. The latest major change was in summer 2014, when the LähiTapiola Group bought 12.5 per cent of Diacor’s capital stock.

In addition to its hospital known for endoscopic surgery, Diacor has 13 clinics around the Helsinki metropolitan area, one clinic in city center of Turku as well as a minority interest in Koskiklinikka, which operates in Tampere, Caritas lääkärit Oy in Oulu and Yhtyneet Medix Laboratoriot Oy. Occupational healthcare is Diacor's main business area, accounting for approximately half of the company's net sales.