Corporate responsibility report

A completely Finnish-owned healthcare service company, Diacor is also part of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation, the largest social and welfare group in Finland. The company's social responsibility is founded on its unique cooperative relationship with its owner: as a business, Diacor is obliged to generate profits for its main owner in an exemplary and transparent manner. The owner, in turn, uses these profits for its diaconal efforts for a better society.

Diacor is the only healthcare service operator in Finland to publish an annual corporate responsibility report. These reports indicate, among other things, the corporate taxes paid by Diacor. In the period 2008–2014, this sum amounted to nearly 9 million euros. 

Reports (only in Finnish):

Yritysvastuuraportti 2014 
Yritysvastuuraportti 2013
Yritysvastuuraportti 2012
Yritysvastuuraportti 2011
Yritysvastuuraportti 2010
Yritysvastuuraportti 2009

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015
Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 (pdf)